Advent drama!

This week, we have been discussing the story of the first Christmas as part of our advent work. We read about Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem and thought about how they might have been feeling.  To help us to understand the different emotions, we used role play to act out events from the story, from when the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary all the way up to the arrival of Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. Here are some photos of the drama that we performed in groups to the rest of the class.

We used this to write diary entries from the point of view of Mary or Joseph. There were many fantastic pieces of writing, including Ewan’s, which included lots of powerful adjectives and phrases to describe Mary and Joseph’s feelings:

Takeover day!

On Friday, things were a little different in 2HM! Instead of having 1 teacher, there were 4 teachers ready to teach the class.

As part of the nationwide  KS2 pupils from across the school had the opportunity to take on the role of any member of staff. After submitting their applications and being interviewed, Melika, Sonia and Wah Yuan took on the role of Miss Miles! They helped to take the register, carry out the spelling test, teach English, read stories and plan and deliver an RE lesson all about caring for our planet.

Many in 2HM seemed very keen to have a go themselves next year – I wonder who they will be?

Anti-bullying Week

This week we took part in anti-bullying week, thinking about how we could stand up to bullying and exploring the theme ‘Choose Respect’.  We first thought about what respect meant and considered how we could show respect to someone, particularly someone who seemed different to us.

Here is Tommy and Miya’s writing.

Then we designed anti-bullying posters and practised a chant, ready for the anti-bullying picket.

On Thursday afternoon we joined the rest of the school for an anti-bullying picket around the playground. Everyone was very enthusiastic, chanting and waving our banners.

Autumn 2 – First week back!

This week we have been busy diving into our new topic Kolkata. We have learning about the River Ganges and its journey from the Himalayan Mountains to Kolkata. After discovering that it extremely polluted and full of rubbish by the time it reaches Kolkata, we took part in a class debate, considering whether the situation needs to change. We took turns arguing both for and against, before forming our conclusions.

In science we have been continuing with our materials topic.  We received an email from Mrs Stott asking us to find a strong material that would be suitable to make a new school uniform. We examined and then tested acrylic, nylon, polyester and cotton to discover which was the strongest.

Building our bridges!

We have kept up the creativity after the Arts Fortnight this week, by designing and building bridges.  These were inspired by the architecture of bridges in Leeds, carefully observing the structures used.

First we attempted to build bridges using lollipop sticks, glue and sellotape but we found that they did not stay together very well. Then we learnt how to use saws to cut wood to the correct length and glue guns to join pieces together. We also practised reinforcing the corners with cardboard to make it more structurally secure.

We designed our new version as group and thought carefully about the materials we would need. Then we used the skills that we had learnt to create it. Here are some of the finished results:

Arts Fortnight week 2

We’ve had another very exciting week as part of our Arts Fortnight.  We continued to read the story of the Lorax and were shocked when we discovered the selfish Oncler had cut down the last Truffala tree.

Using our understanding of photosynthesis and events from the story, we compiled a list of the reasons why trees are so important, such as producing oxygen which we need to breathe and providing habitats and food for many animals. We then used this list to write a letter to the old Oncler explaining why he made such a mistake cutting down all the trees. He  was so convinced by our arguments that he sent us all a letter back, telling us that he had realised his mistake.


He also gave our class an oak tree to plant and look after.

Whilst reading the story, we imagined what the Lerkim (where the Oncler lived) looked like. We worked in groups and developed our team work skills whilst using Lego to create our own versions of the building.

We have also been very busy with our art work, learning and practising different art skills such as printing and stencilling, making our own foam block prints and experimenting with different repeating patterns.

We used all these skills to help us to create our final pieces of artwork. We used the drawings and paintings that we had done over the fortnight in our collages and I think you will agree that the final results are spectacular!

We explored making amounts using coins, thinking of how we could pay the Oncler the 15p he asked for in order to hear his story about the Lorax.

We also spent lots of time practising our dance all about photosynthesis, ready for the performance on Friday afternoon.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to watch the dance and who took part in the following activities, helping to celebrate the class’ amazing achievements over the fortnight.

Our Art Fortnight – Week 1

This week has been a very unusual and creative one! We have been spending our days in the art studio, working with Mrs Johnston on our exciting project all about trees. Our learning has ranged from poetry writing, to measuring and finding the difference, and of course, lots of art!

Here is a selection of photos, showing some of the things that we have been getting up to so far:

We have been dancing, painting, collaging, writing, measuring, sketching and even beginning to learn about photosynthesis! It has been a fabulous few days so far and we are already excited to share all our learning with you next Friday during our celebration assembly.

Trip to Leeds City Centre

This week was a very exciting one for our class, as on Thursday we set off on our eagerly anticipated trip to Leeds city centre. After several weeks of exploring the human and physical geography of Leeds, as well as discussing the history of famous landmarks such as Leeds Bridge and Briggate, we were all set to go.

We set off in the morning, catching the bus into town. We passed the Leodis building on our way, which some of us found very exciting! Once we arrived in town, we began the first leg of our walking trip around Leeds, heading towards Leeds City Museum. 

We were very impressed by the grand architecture and spent some time sketching the outside, as well as the Broderick buildings across the street. 

We also explored inside the museum, discovering more information about the history of Leeds in the Leeds Story exhibition. We learnt about the wool trade and how wool was turned into cloth, as well as finding out more about the lives of the merchants who sold it, even trying on the wigs that they may have worn.

Next we walked to Millennium Square to count how many owls we could spot on Leeds Civic Hall, before heading to Mandela Gardens for a snack and a chance to do some sound mapping.

 After that we headed to the Town Hall to complete a quiz all about the features of the building. We carefully counted the pillars and lions, and looked closely at the carvings and flags.

Then it was time for lunch! We were very hungry after all our exercise and enjoyed some food outside the Art Gallery.

The next part of our journey took us along Briggate which we have been learning lots about. We looked closely at the types of buildings and the materials used, as well as discussing what we could smell, see and hear.

After Briggate, we arrived at Leeds Bridge and saw the photograph that we had been looking at in class, come to life before our eyes.  We even saw a passing taxi boat who gave us a wave hello!

Our last stretch of the journey took us to the Corn Exchange, where we admired the glass ceiling and thought about what it used to be used for.

Finally it was time to head home on the bus. It was fair to say we were all very tired after a long day out! We had a fantastic day and can’t wait to learn even more about Leeds back in class!

Week beginning 24th September

This has been a super busy week as always in Year 2!

In particular, we have been getting stuck into our topic for the half term based all around Leeds.  Eric the alien crash landed in our school playground, searching for a place called Leodis. We think he might have been looking for Leeds. We have been using our geography skills to think about the human and physical features of the city. This week we have focused on the human features.

At the start of the week we looked at the different shops and shopping centres in Leeds. Miya carefully selected which shop would be suitable to buy each item and then considered the benefits of out of town shopping centres.

We then explored the transport links to Leeds, thinking about trains, planes, coaches and roads.

Ali used the transport maps to find which destinations could be reached by each form of transport.

Zoe also used the tranport maps to carefully answer the questions.

Finally we looked at how the population has grown over the years, and the impact that it has had on the size of the city. We used aerial maps to track how much Leeds has expanded.

Sara thought carefully about what the numbers in the table were showing her and reflected on why this may be the case.

We noticed that the River Aire and Briggate were there on all 3 maps.

Next week on our school trip to Leeds we will be looking out for all the things we have been investigating in our topic lessons. We can’t wait!

Visit from poet Tony Peek

This week we had a very exciting visitor in Year 2! Children’s poet Tony Peek came into school to deliver a poetry workshop to the class. He shared lots of his very entertaining poems with us and everyone found them highly amusing!

The children had a chance to write their own poems, thinking of words that alliterated or rhymed and creating some very funny pieces of work.

Pupils then had the chance to buy Tony Peek’s poetry books and were lucky enough to get them signed by the man himself!

It’s fair to say that we all greatly enjoyed the visit!