Our value for the past 2 weeks has been forgiveness. We thought about why we might need to forgive and how hard this can be at times. We discussed how although it might not stop us being upset, forgiving someone can help to take away any anger and allow us to move on with our lives.

We considered what we could do if we found something particularly difficult to forgive. Some of us suggested that we could pray and ask God for support in helping us to forgive. We also privately wrote down something that we still felt upset or angry about and then ripped up the paper that it was written on to show we were letting it go and moving forwards.

Are there any other ways you can think of to help you to forgive when you are finding it hard?

Music: Mars by Holst

This week, as part of our topic all about Neil Armstrong and space, we listened to a piece of music called Mars by the composer Holst. We listened carefully to the different instruments we could hear and considered how it made us feel. Some of us thought it sounded angry and powerful and it reminded us of action films such as Star Wars and the Incredible Hulk. We also listened closely and shared what we noticed about the volumn and tempo of the music, using the terms crescendo and diminuendo to describe how the music changed. Next we practised clapping along to the different rhythms in the music, making sure that we were keeping a steady bet.

After we had practised clapping and singing along to some of the repeated refrains, we got into small groups to make our own pieces of music to represent Mars, the red planet and the Roman god of war.

Here are some photos of us practising and performing:

Neil Armstrong visit

This week we launched our new topic about Neil Armstrong with a special visitor! He came and told us lots of amazing facts about Neil Armstrong’s voyage into space, when he became the first man to walk on the moon. Some of us were lucky enough to dress up as astronauts and practise our moon walking, imagining that there was much less gravity.

Others helped to act out some of the ancient stories told by people in China and Egypt to understand the changes they saw in the sky with the stars, sun and moon.

We also learnt about the different planets in the solar system and thought about how they orbit the sun.

Finally we thought about the training and qualifications you need to become an astronaut, as well as considering the importance of keeping fit.

Captain Cook’s 3rd Voyage

This week we learnt about Captain Cook’s 3rd and final voyage. Having given up hope of finding Terra Australis, Cook was sent on a different mission – to find the Northwest Passage, thought to offer a way over the top of North America, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. We discovered that the voyage was far from successful, and we acted out the story through freeze frames and songs. Mahdi made a very demanding Captain Cook who ordered his crew to keep going, despite the freezing cold conditions and dwindling supplies.

The crew even had to resort to eating walrus meat – yuk! 

We thought about what we would like to say to Captain Cook if we were his crew. We shared our opinions with Mahdi, who was playing Cook.

Finally we took part in the drama activity – conscience alley. We split into two halves – those that though Cook had gone crazy and thought that we should force him to turn around, and those who wanted to remain loyal. Riya listened to both sides before coming to her decision – try to persuade Cook to turn around but not to mutiny!

Banksia drawings

This week, as part of our topic about Captain Cook, we learnt how one of the botanists who accompanied Cook on his first voyage, Joseph Banks, discovered a new plant in Australia.  This was named after him – the banksia plant.

We watched a video about Austin’s butterfly, where a pupil named Austin was attempting to draw an accurate drawing of a butterfly. With the help of his classmates and the constructive feedback they provided him, he improved on his first draft with a second drawing, continuing to receive feedback and produce new drafts until he was happy with his final result.

We used this approach to have a go at producing a scientific drawing of the banksia plant. We completed a first draft, then gave each other some constructive feedback. We used this to then complete a second draft. These are some of our results:


 Alan  MahdiLaira




Maori warriors!

This week we have been learning all about our new topic, Captain Cook. We learnt all about his early life, before he became a famous British explorer. We discovered that he was born in a 2 roomed cottage and that he was a school boy and then a farm boy. We then learnt that he worked in a sea-side store whilst studying at night to become a sailor. We also found out that he was a husband and a father and also served as a mariner in the Royal Navy. We acted out his different roles and presented these as freeze frames to the class:

 Can you work out which roles these freeze frames represent?

Then we learned about Captain Cook’s expedition to King George’s Island and plotted his route on a map. We discovered that he was given a mysterious sealed envelope from the King that contained his secret mission: to find and claim Terra Australis! After learning about Cook’s journey to New Zealand, we found out that he encountered the local Maori warriors. We wrote exclamation sentences to describe these fearsome warriors. How mighty the Maori warriors were!

Inspired by the unique Maori face tattoos, we practised our own designs and drew them onto photos of our faces. I think you will agree that some of the results are pretty terrifying!

Curry making

Last week we were busy with our DT project tasting, planning, making and evaluating curries.

After we tried a tarka dal, spinach curry and tomato curry, we evaluated them based on its smell, appearance,taste and texture. We then voted on our favourite before planning a healthy version with lots of vegetables.

Next we practised our chopping, grating and peeling skills, learning the bridge and claw method to cut carrots.

Finally we were ready to make our curry. We prepared the vegetables using our new skills and then fried them, before adding spices and chopped tomatoes. Here are some photos:

Advent drama!

This week, we have been discussing the story of the first Christmas as part of our advent work. We read about Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem and thought about how they might have been feeling.  To help us to understand the different emotions, we used role play to act out events from the story, from when the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary all the way up to the arrival of Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. Here are some photos of the drama that we performed in groups to the rest of the class.

We used this to write diary entries from the point of view of Mary or Joseph. There were many fantastic pieces of writing, including Ewan’s, which included lots of powerful adjectives and phrases to describe Mary and Joseph’s feelings:

Takeover day!

On Friday, things were a little different in 2HM! Instead of having 1 teacher, there were 4 teachers ready to teach the class.

As part of the nationwide  KS2 pupils from across the school had the opportunity to take on the role of any member of staff. After submitting their applications and being interviewed, Melika, Sonia and Wah Yuan took on the role of Miss Miles! They helped to take the register, carry out the spelling test, teach English, read stories and plan and deliver an RE lesson all about caring for our planet.

Many in 2HM seemed very keen to have a go themselves next year – I wonder who they will be?

Anti-bullying Week

This week we took part in anti-bullying week, thinking about how we could stand up to bullying and exploring the theme ‘Choose Respect’.  We first thought about what respect meant and considered how we could show respect to someone, particularly someone who seemed different to us.

Here is Tommy and Miya’s writing.

Then we designed anti-bullying posters and practised a chant, ready for the anti-bullying picket.

On Thursday afternoon we joined the rest of the school for an anti-bullying picket around the playground. Everyone was very enthusiastic, chanting and waving our banners.