What is the oldest plant?

Early in the week, inspired by our new plant topic, Dariyan asked the question, “What is the oldest plant?”.

This made us curious so we decided to find out more. First of all we researched online and discovered that

the oldest type of trees are the bristlecone pines, with one tree found to be over 5000 years old! This tree can be found in the White Mountains of California in Inyo National Forest.

  We were amazed at how old these trees were!

We discovered that the second oldest tree was Sarv-e Abarqu, a Cyprus Yew tree in Iran.

Next we wanted to find out how we could measure how old a tree was. Reuben knew that we could count the rings of a tree stump and we found out that each ring on the tree stump shows a year of growth.

We wanted to find out how old some of the trees were in the playground but couldn’t cut down the trees. Although we found out that you can bore a hole in the tree to count the rings without cutting it down, we didn’t have the right equipment.

Instead we decided to use the technique of measuring around the circumference of the tree stump. Although this wouldn’t be as accurate, measuring the trunk in inches around 1m up from the ground, would give us a rough idea of the age in years.

We went outside with tape measures and metre sticks to investigate.

Here are some photos:


We also found some tree stumps where we looked closely to see if we could see the rings.


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