Science Week

Last week was Science Week at Allerton CE Primary School. In 2HM we took part in lots of different activities throughout the week, including an investigation to find out if any nocturnal animals visited our school at night. We set up a tube outside with paper sellotaped inside and a tray of paint carefully positioned either end. Then we crumbled some bread inside the tube and covered it all with leaves and grass to camouflage it. 

We left the tube overnight and checked the next morning to see if there were any footprints on the paper. It had been very windy and rainy overnight but fortunately the equipment was still in place. When we checked however, the bread was untouched and there were no footprints. We were disappointed, but luckily 2HS had had a visitor to their tube overnight, with all the bread eaten and lots of footprints! We studied the footprints closely and identified them as hedgehog footprints. We were very excited! To check whether the hedgehog would return the following night, we set up our equipment again where 2HS’ trap had been to leave it overnight. The following morning we found that the bread had been eaten and there were lots of very wet footprints! 

They matched the footprints from the previous day, so it’s likely that the hedgehog returned again.

Later in the week we worked in teams as Team Ant to weigh 3 mystery eggs to find out their weight and by doing so identify which bird they came from. We matched the lightest egg with the smallest bird, a quail, and then identified the other 2 eggs as duck and hen eggs. We also looked at how heavy ostrich eggs are, surprised by their size and weight! 

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