Science investigation into animal habitats

This week, as part of our science learning all about habitats, we used a choice chamber investigation to find out more about the habitat of a mealworm. We planned our investigation first, thinking about what we wanted to find out and the method we would use. We recorded this in our science books and included a diagram to help explain. After making a prediction, we carried out our test.

Working in small groups, we used a Petri dish to create the choice chamber – giving the meal worms an option of dry/damp, sandy/non sandy, light/dark and shiny/dull. Then we put 5 meal worms into each dish and waited for 5 minutes to see which side they would choose. We counted up the number in each side to get our results which we recorded before drawing our conclusions. Here are some photos of us in action!

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  1. Did you know that mealworms are the favourite food of the robin, and any garden bird for that matter? I wonder how the worms would feel about that….?!

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