Week beginning 24th September

This has been a super busy week as always in Year 2!

In particular, we have been getting stuck into our topic for the half term based all around Leeds.  Eric the alien crash landed in our school playground, searching for a place called Leodis. We think he might have been looking for Leeds. We have been using our geography skills to think about the human and physical features of the city. This week we have focused on the human features.

At the start of the week we looked at the different shops and shopping centres in Leeds. Miya carefully selected which shop would be suitable to buy each item and then considered the benefits of out of town shopping centres.

We then explored the transport links to Leeds, thinking about trains, planes, coaches and roads.

Ali used the transport maps to find which destinations could be reached by each form of transport.

Zoe also used the tranport maps to carefully answer the questions.

Finally we looked at how the population has grown over the years, and the impact that it has had on the size of the city. We used aerial maps to track how much Leeds has expanded.

Sara thought carefully about what the numbers in the table were showing her and reflected on why this may be the case.

We noticed that the River Aire and Briggate were there on all 3 maps.

Next week on our school trip to Leeds we will be looking out for all the things we have been investigating in our topic lessons. We can’t wait!

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